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Dr. Christina Nicole Giannikas

Chair of the EuroCALL Teacher Education SIG

My name is Chritina Nicole Giannikas and I am Chair of the EuroCALL Teacher Education SIG. I work at the Language Centre of the Cyprus University of Technology and at the Department of English Studies of the University of Cyprus.  I currently teach modules such as Methodologies in EFL, Research Methods and Design and Second Language Acquisition in CALL. I am also a pre-service teacher trainer for Secondary school teachers in Cyprus. I hold a PhD in the field of Applied Linguistics and my research interests include CALL, Young Learners and new technologies, interactive language learning and teaching through the use of technology, online learning and teaching, the effects of Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (TELE), early language learning and the use of games in the language classroom in any shape or form.​ I have been actively involved in various research projects with a focus on professional development, the integration of new technologies, and language teaching approaches, and the effects of Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (TELE). 

Ms. Maria Christoforou

Secretary of the EuroCALL Teacher Education SIG

Maria has been involved in ELT since 2002. She has worked as a Teacher of English as a Second Language (L2) in private institutions, as a Teacher in a private school teaching English as a First Language (L1), a Speaking Assessor for English exams, and as an English Language Lecturer in Tertiary Education Institutions in the private sector in Cyprus. Her postgraduate qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Professional Development in Education from the Open University, UK. She has been involved in Curriculum Development and Teaching of English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at the Cyprus University of Technology since 2012. She has designed the curriculum for various ESP courses such as English for Management, English for Multimedia and Graphic Design, English for Chemical Engineering and English for Fine Arts at the Cyprus University of Technology. She has worked on the adoption of Virtual Reality applications in teaching and on the integration of emergent innovative technologies in English undergraduate courses as a way of developing teachers’ and learners’ practice.

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