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Member of Doctoral Examiners' Committee

Chrysanthi Nycodimou: PhD Proposal Defense 'Portfolios for Assessment for Learning in EFL: The barriers of, needs for and pathway towards introducing Portfolios' (Invitation)

Member of MA Examiners' Committee

Theoklitou Raphaella: MA Dissertation Defense 'ESP and the use of technology: a systematic literature review'

Nicolaidou Despo: MA Dissertation Defense 'Digital storytelling in an EFL classroom: a digital pathway towards creativity enhancement' 

Demetriou Alan: MA Dissertation Defense 'Teachback with Google Expeditions: investigating student practices and changes in perceptions in L2 spoken Accuracy and Fluency'

Pardoel Bart: MA Dissertation Defense 'Gamification and its potential for foreign language learning- lessons from a six week gamified moodle course for German as a foreign language'

Theodora Charalambous: MA Dissertation Defense ''The different kinds of technologies used by SEN EAP teachers to benefit the memory, concentration and spelling of their students and students' perceptions'

Miroslava Ivandzhikova: MA Dissertation Defense ''Design Thinking and its Integration in an ESL classroom'

Elena Petrou: MA Dissertation Defense ''Exploring the use of a synergy of age-appropriate tools for young learners in EFL: students’ attitudes and challenges' 

Costas Constantinou: MA Dissertation Defense ''Mobile learning and EFL oral presentation skills'

Maria Korai: MA Dissertation Defense ''Implementation of the CEFR Descriptors for Mediation in an ESP Context'

Paraskevi VasiliouMA Dissertation Defense ''Formative Assessment in second language learning: a systematic review and an annotated bibliography'

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