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1. Professional Development:  I am actively involved in the field of Teacher Education and have extensive experience in training pre-service/in-service English language teachers. Via CG   Education & Research Consultancy, I offer training and professional development courses in various areas of ELT, such as Digital Pedagogy, Assessment, Designing Language Learning Courses, Material Writing, and more!

2. Small and Large Research Projects: I have been involved in research projects funded by external bodies, such as Erasmus+ and the British Council, and have been awarded scholarships by private institutions and associations. CG Education & Research Consultancy offers its services to research bodies and programs in need of consultants in order to author and submit research proposals.

3. Writing and Editing Services: From research edited volumes to school material and coursebooks, CG  offers services that include:

  • Evaluation of material and content

  • Revising texts according to target readers

  • Collaboration with writers and publishers to bring out the best material

  • Planning and coordinating material for publication

  • Verification of facts, dates, and statistics, using standard reference sources

  • The overseeing publication production, including artwork, layout, computer typesetting, and printing, ensuring adherence to deadlines and budget requirements.

As for material writing, CG  specialises in ELT material, in print and/or digital form. Materials can be prepared for publishers or tailor-made for institutions according to their needs, for all age groups and levels. 

4. Curriculum Development, Design and Reform: CG Education & Research Consultancy offers its services to national educational organisations, school management and directors to review, (re)design and develop curriculum programs, assessment models, and approaches to teaching and learning. CG  provides all the supporting services needed to implement educational development programs successfully in:

  • Curriculum review, design and implementation

  • Assessment review, design and implementation

  • Pedagogy and implementing new approaches to teaching

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