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Edited Volumes:

Guest Editor:
Published Research Papers (Peer-reviewed):​
Published Articles (Newsletters & Magazines):

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Assistive Technology and Dyslexia: The path to effective language learning, The Teacher Trainer, 35(2), pp. 18-21.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2020). Prioritizing when Education is in Crisis: The language teacher. Humanising Language Teaching. 22(3) ISSN 1755-9715
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2020). [Στηρίζω το παιδί μου στην εποχή της τηλεκπαίδευσης] Supporting my child in the distance education era, Generations Newspaper (Invited Contribution).
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2018). Using Design-Based Research in Educational Technology: when and howIATEFL LTSIG November Issue, pp. 25-27
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2018). The Effects of Storytelling: a teaching tool like no other. Modern English Teacher, 27:4.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Poetry Please! English Teaching Professional, Issue 110.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Assessing Young Learners through Games and Enjoying it! TESOL Greece Magazine, No. 136.
  • Petrou, E. & Giannikas, C.N. (2016). Online Tools-Invaluable Resources for Developing Upper Secondary Learners' Writing Skills. IATEFL TEYLT Worldwide, Issue 1.
  • Giannikas, C.N. & McLaughlin, L. (2016). Games in the Spotlight: Teaching English to the Young Learner. IH Journal of Education and Development, issue 40.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2015) Classroom Management and Organisation: there’s more to it than we think. IATEL C&TS Newsletter.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2013) Let’s play a game: encouraging children to enjoy their language learning. IATEFL C&TS.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2013) Let’s play a game: encouraging children to enjoy their language learning. IATEFL C&TS.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2013) Action Research in the Language Classroom: the Greek educator’s answer to the educator’s answer to the Financial Crisis. IATEFL TDSIG Issue 68, pp. 22-25.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2013) Parental Influence in Early Language Learning: how teachers can make it work. British Council ELTA Newsletter (Lifelong Learning).
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2013) Early Language Learning. IATEFL Voices, issue 236.
Blog Post (Invited Contributions)
Book Chapters (Peer-reviewed):
  • Giannikas, C.N., Tsagari, D. & Liontou, T. (2022). Digital Literacy in Language Education: The COVID-19 Era of Cyprus. In C. Giannikas (Ed.), Transferring Language Learning and Teaching From Face-to-Face to Online Settings (pp. 189-202). IGI Global.
  • Charalambous, T., Papadima-Sophocleous, S. & Giannikas, C.N. (2021). The Integration of Assistive Technologies in the SEN EAP Classroom: Raising awareness, in Papadima-Sophocleous, S.; Kakoulli Constantinou, E.; Giannikas, C.N. (Eds). Tertiary education language learning: a collection of research.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Performance Assessment in Teacher Education Programs: Direct evaluation of teaching ability. In M.D Ramírez-Verdugo & B. Otcu-Grillman (Eds.) Interdisciplinary Approaches Toward Enhancing Teacher Education. IGI Global, pp. 258-273. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4697-0, 
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2020). How Much do we Really Know about Alternative Assessment? Investigating YL Teachers' Perception of Assessing through Games. In D. Tsagari (Ed.) Language Assessment Literacy: From Theory to Practice. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle, UK.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2020). Effectively Incorporating Blogs for the L2 Literacy Development of Teenage Language Learners, In G. Neokleous, A. Krulatz & R. Farrelly (Eds.). Handbook of Research on Cultivating Literacy in Diverse and Multilingual Classrooms. IGI Global.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Technology-Enhanced Curriculum Development in the ESP tertiary context. In Papadima-Sophocleous, S., Kakoulli-Constantinou, E. & Giannikas, C.N. ESP Teaching and Teacher Education: Current research and practices. (Open Access).
  • Papadima-Sophocleous, S., Kakoulli-Constantinou, E. & Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Introduction. In Papadima-Sophocleous, S., Kakoulli-Constantinou, E. & Giannikas, C.N. ESP Teaching and Teacher Education: Current research and practices. (Open Access).
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Enhancing literacy and collaborative skills through blogging: the teenage language learner. In C. N. Giannikas, E. Kakoulli Constantinou & S. Papadima-Sophocleous (Eds),Professional development in CALL: a selection of papers (pp. 145-158). rpnet.2019.28.876
  • Giannikas, C.N Kakoulli Constantinou, E. & Papadima-Sophocleous, S. (2019). Introduction. In Giannikas, Christina Nicole; Kakoulli Constantinou, Elis; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi (Eds), Professional development in CALL: a selection of papers (pp. 1-9).
  • Tsagari, D. & Giannikas, C.N. (2017). ‘To L1 or not to L1, that is the question: research in young learners’ foreign language classroom’. In Y. Bayyurt and N. Sifakis (eds.) English Language Education Policies and Practices in the Mediterranean Countries and Beyond. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang GmbH. ISBN: 978-3-631-68127-5, pp. 131-152.
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  • Giannikas, C.N. (2015). Let's Pretend we are in England! The needs of the young language learner. In: Giannikas, C.N.; McLaughlin, L., Fanning, G. & Deutsch Muller, N. Children Learning English: from research to practice. Reading, UK: Garnet Publishing Ltd.
  • Papadima, S.; Kakouli-Constantinou, E. & Giannikas, C.N. (2014). Teachers’ Attitudes towards the Use of Technology in EFL within Public Secondary Schools of Cyprus. Cited in: Dodigovic, M. (ed.) Attitudes to Technology in EFL/ESL Pedagogy. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: TESOL Arabia. 

  • Papadima-Sophocleous, S. & Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Time to Evaluate: The students perspective of an online MA programme. In F. Meunier, J. Van de Vyver, J. Bradley, Tousney, S.,  CALL and Complexity: Short papers from EuroCALL 2019. DOI: 10.14705/rpnet.2019.38.9782490057542
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Pre-service Teacher Reflections: Embracing Growth and Professional Development. The Asian Conference on Language Learning. Tokyo, Japan, pp.339-350.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2018). The Facebook effect: the use of Social Media on e-Learning platforms. IATEFL Selections.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Welcome to the Blogosphere: improving teenage learner's literacy and collaborative skills. CyTEA Conference Proceedings.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Assessing Young Learners through Games: what every teacher needs to know. Glasgow IATEFL Conference Selections.
  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). French vs. German: the complexity behind foreign language choices in troubled times. EDULEARN 17: 9th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies.
  • Giannikas. C.N. (2016). The Use of Interactive Whiteboards: enhancing the nature of teaching young language learners. EuroCALL Conference.
  • Tσαγγαρή, Ν. & Γιαννίκα, Χ.Ν. (2014). H Διδακτική Ξένων Γλωσσών σε Παιδιά Δημοτικού στην Ιδιωτική Εκπαίδευση: νέοι καιροί, νέες προκλήσεις; 13ο Παγκύπριο Συνέδριο Παιδαγωγικής Εταιρείας Κύπρου. (Tsagari, D. & Giannikas, C.N. (2014). Teaching Foreign Languages to Primary School Children in Private Education: new times, new challenges? 13th Conference of The Cyprus Pedagogical Association)
  • Papadima-Sophocleous, S.; Giannikas, C.N. & Kakouli-Constantinou, E. (2014). ICT in EFL: The global effect of new technologies in the language classroom. EuroCALL conference.
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