Here you can find all my presentations to date:


  • Giannikas, C.N. (2022). Digital Literacies and Innovations in Teacher Training: Opportunities and Challenges. IH Managers and Academic Trainers Conference. Plenary Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2022). Supporting Teachers through Challenging Times. Putting Teachers First event, IATEFL LAM SIG. Invited Oral Presentation.


  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Delivering Teacher Training Online: A challenge worth pursuing. CALICO Winter Workshops Event. Online Workshop.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). The Renewed Significance of Digital Pedagogy in the COVID-19 era, 8th ELT Online Conference. Invited Oral Presentation.

  • Liontou, T., Giannikas, C.N. & Tsagari, D. (2021). ELT in the COVID-19 Era: Examining the Case of Greece, The TESOL Greece 42nd Annual Convention. Oral Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Research and Digital Ethics Inspired by an Education Crisis, American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Virtual Conference. Oral Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Telecollaboration and ESP in times of COVID-19: The perspective of the teacher educator. The EuroCALL CMC SIG Online Webinar Series. Invited Oral Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Sending our Teachers into the Wild: What we learned about preparedness during COVID-19. Hellenic Association of the Study of English (HASE) Colloquium. Invited Oral Presentation. 

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Teachers' Stress to Assess: the need to cope with the new norm. ChatEdu Conference, Invited Oral Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Practical Tips to Assessing Young Learners Online. International Publishers' Exhibition. Invited Oral Presentation. 

  • Tsagari, D., Liontou, T. & Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Language educators working online during the COVID-19 pandemic: Learning, teaching & assessment practices in the limelight. ALTE 1st International Digital Symposium. Oral Presentation. 

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). DIY Research: practitioner investigation in the COVID-19 era. Insights on Demand, CUP event. Invited Oral Presentation. 

  • Giannikas, C.N., Athanasiou, A. Petinou, K. Theodorou, E. & Savva, E. (2021). Narrative Speech Development: Findings from Greek-Cypriot Children. 14th Panhellenic and 1st International Congress on Speech and Language Therapy. Poster Presentation.  

  • Vassileiou, S., Papadima-Sophocleous, S. & Giannikas, C.N. (2021). The use of technologies in Second Language Formative Assessment: A Systematic Review. EuroCALL 2021. Oral Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N., Liontou, T. & Tsagari, D. (2021). Εnglish Language Teachers' needs for online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, EuroCALL 2021. Oral Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2021). Pandemic SOS: Lessons learned about preparedness in teacher education prior to COVID-19. 3rd International Language Education and Research Conference. Oral Presentation.

  • Liontou, T., Tsagari, D. & Giannikas, C.N. (2021). ELT in the COVID-19 era: Challenges & opportunities for the future. TESOL Tunisia. Oral Presentation.


  • Giannikas, C.N. (2020). How to Navigate the Kaleidoscope of Digital Pedagogy in Primary and Pre-primary ELT. Global Schools Festivals, Cambridge University Press. Plenary Presentation. 

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2020). Performance Assessment in Pre-service Training: Direct evaluation of teaching ability. NYS TESOL 50th Annual Conference. Invited Oral Presentation. 

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2020). Conceptualizing Practitioners' Online Research in the COVID-19 Era. IATEFL Research SIG. Invited Webinar.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2020). Rethinking Pedagogy for the Digital Age. QLS Teacher Training Kick-off. Invited Oral Presentation (Opening Session).

  • Giannikas, C.N. & Nikitaki, S. (2020). The Language Teachers' Perspective on Parental Involvement: a focus on primary state schools. Poster Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2020). Developing Asynchronous Materials for Language Learners: A Teacher Educator's Perspective. The EuroCALL Teacher Education SIG Series of Webinars. Webinar.

  • Michael, C. & Giannikas, C.N. (2020). Classtag: A digital approach based on constant parent-teacher communication. The EuroCALL Teacher Education SIG Workshop Day. Workshop.


  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Applying PBL in the Young Learner’s Classroom: approaches that work! QLS Kick-off Teacher Training Event, Athens, Greece. Invited Workshop.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Moodl-ing our way to Innovation: where are we and where we are are headed, QLS Kick-off Teacher Training Event, Athens, Greece. Invited Oral Presentation.

  • Petinou, K., Athanasiou, A. & Giannikas, C.N. (2019). ‘A Cross- language Perspective in Analyzing Personal Narratives’. The 31st World Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, Taipei, Taiwan. Oral Presentation.

  • Petinou, K., Athanasiou, A. & Giannikas, C.N. (2019). ‘A Cross- language Perspective in Analyzing Personal Narratives’. The International Symposium on Monolingual and Bilingual Speech (ISMBS), Crete, Greece. Oral Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). ‘New technologies in professional development programmes: A time for action’. EuroCALL Conference for the Teacher Education SIG Symposium, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Oral Presentation.

  • Papadima-Sophocleous, S., & Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Time to evaluate: The students’ perspective of an online MA in CALL programme. EuroCALL Conference, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Oral Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Moodl-ing our Way to Innovation. QLS OGM. Syros, Greece. Invited Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Pre-service Teacher Reflections: Embracing Growth and Professional Development. The Asian Conference on Language Learning. Tokyo, Japan. Virtual Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). The Building Blocks of Creative Writing: A focus on the young language learner. UCLAN Cyprus, Larnaca. Guest Lecture.

  • Theodorou, E., Giannikas, C.N., Kambanaros, M. (2019). How much do Language Teachers really know about Developmental Language Disorder. COST Action IS1406 Conference, Enhancing Children's Oral Language Skills Across Europe and Beyond - A Collaboration Focusing on Interventions for Children with Difficulties Learning Their First Language. Sofia, Bulgaria. Poster Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Technology-enhanced curriculum development: a focus on the ESP Tertiary Context. TESOL Convention, Atlanta, USA. Oral Presentation (see the presentation here)

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Welcome to the Blogosphere: Improving teenage learner's literacy and collaborative skills. EFL talks for TESOL Kuwait. Invited Virtual Presentation (see the presentation here).

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2019). Designing Digital Experiences for Positive Primary Language Learning. IHBCN ELT Conference, Barcelona, Spain. Invited Speaker for IATEFL LTSIG Strand.


  • Giannikas, C.N. (2018). Early Language Learning Research. Presentation to Her Excellency, Jameela Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Public Education on behalf of HarperCollins Publishers, Ministry of Education, Dubai, UAE.

  • Γιαννίκα, Χ.Ν. (2018). Διαφοροποίηση της διδασκαλίας: νέοι καιροί νέες προκλήσεις. Λανίτειο Σχολείο, Λεμεσος. Προσκεκλημένη Ομιλία για την Ημέρα του Εκπαιδευτικού (Ενδοϋπηρεσιακή Επιμόρφωση).

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2018). 'Staying Connected in the Digital Age: how YL teachers can cope in high/low tech environments' European University Cyprus, Nicosia. Oral presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. & Tsagari, D. (2018). ‘Teachers’ Understanding of High-Stake Assessment Concepts: the road to Certi-mania’ TALE Conference, University of Cyprus, Nicosia. Oral Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2018). ‘Why all the drama? Teaching Young Learners with a pinch of creativity’ Teacher Development in TESOL, University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Invited Workshop

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2018). ‘The Facebook Effect: usage of Social Media in e-learning programs’, Selected for the LT SIG Showcase. IATEFL Annual Conference, Brighton, UK. Oral Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2018). ‘Feeding Children’s Curiosity: developing the four skills through games’. 17th Cyprus International Publishers Exhibition, Nicosia, Cyprus. Opening Plenary Presentation


  • Giannikas, C.N. & Higho, C. (2017). Pre-Primary English Teaching. On behalf of HarperCollins Publishers. Ministry of Education, Dubai, UAE. Invited Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. & Hughes, A. (2017). Early Language Learning. On behalf of HarperCollins Publishers. Ministry of Education, Dubai, UAE. Invited Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Social Media for e-learning, friend or foe? Research Colloquim, Cyprus University of Technology. Workshop

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Welcome to the Blogosphere: improving teenage learner's literacy and collaborative skills. CyTEA Annual Conference. Oral Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. & Korai, M. (2017). The Challenges of the 21st Century YL Teacher: Can we overcome them? CyTEA Annual Conference. Poster Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Assessing Young Learners through Games and Enjoying it! TESOL Greece, The Big SIG Day. Plenary Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Social Media in eLearning: friend or foe? EuroCALL 2017. Workshop for the Teacher Education SIG.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). French vs. German: the complexity behind foreign language choices in troubled times. EduLearn 2017. Virtual Presentation.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Feeding the Young Learner's Curiosity: L2 development through games. 15th ELTA Serbia Conference. Workshop

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). Assessing Young Learners through Games. IATEFL Annual Conference YLT SIG Day. Workshop for YLTSIG day.

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2017). 'Effective Error Correction Strategies: a focus on the teenage language learner'. IATEFL YLT SIG, 30 Pearls of YLT Wisdom Web Conference. Webinar


  • Giannikas, C.N. (2016). ‘The Use of Interactive Whiteboards: enhancing the nature of teaching young language learners’. EuroCALL. Oral Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2016). Assessing Language Learners through Games. Erasmus TALE Project, Multiplier Event. (2016). Invited Workshop

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2016). ‘Acting on Creativity: using poems and reflection when teaching YLs’. Innovate ELT, Barcelona, Spain. Workshop


  • Giannikas, C.N. (2014). ‘How to Write a Successful Research Proposal’ Cyprus University of Technology. Invited Workshop

  • Τσαγγαρή, Ν. & Γιαννίκα Χ.Ν. (2014). ‘H Διδακτική Ξένων Γλωσσών σε Παιδιά Δημοτικού στην Ιδιωτική Εκπαίδευση: Νέοι Καιροί, Νέες Προκλήσεις;’ 13ο Παγκύπριο Συνέδριο Παιδαγωγικής Εταιρείας Κύπρου. Oral Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2014). Professional Development in CALL. Where are we and where are we going? Wiz IQ. Invited Webinar

  • Papadima-Sophocleous, S., Giannikas, C.N. & Kakoulli-Constantinou, E. (2014). ICT in EFL: the global effect of new technologies in the language classroom. EUROCALL. Oral Presentation

  • Giannikas, C.N. (2014). Classroom Management and Organisation in the YLT Classroom. IATEFL, Harrogate, UK. Poster Presentation


  • Giannikas, C.N. (2013).The Action Research Approach in the Language Classroom. CyTEA, Nicosia, Cyprus. Oral Presentation


  • Giannikas, C.N. (2010). English Teaching in Greek Primary Schools, Research Seminar, Centre of Transcultural Research. London, UK. Oral Presentation